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Injection moulded polyethylene pipe fittings

The requirements of a pipe system vary depending on the application. We therefore provide a wide range of polyethylene pipe fittings with various functions that meet the requirements of EN 12201 and EN 1555 and which can be manufactured according to the client’s specifications. With our pipe fittings and extensive range of PE100 RC pipes, we can offer complete pipe systems that provide secure, safe and cost effective operation.

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Injection moulded pipe fittings
Our injection moulded PE pipe fittings are made of PE100 material that complies with standards SS-EN 1555 and SS-EN 12201. All injection moulded pipe fittings are made with extended tip ends, allowing the pipe fittings to be used for both arc welding and butt welding. Available in dimensions up to 500 mm.

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