Safe supplier for large projects

We have extensive experience of large projects and know how important the time aspect and reliability of supply are when working with many subcontractors. Since we have our own modern, large capacity production facility and a complete range of polyethylene pressure pipes and pipe fittings, we are now a reliable supplier to large projects all over Sweden. We are a safe partner in marine pipeline projects and the expansion of municipal water supply systems, for example.

Quality you can trust
Large pipeline projects require careful coordination of all the processes in order to meet the budget and achieve the desired end result. The fact that the pipes are of consistently high quality is therefore particularly important for larger projects. By cooling the pipes for a longer period and stabilizing them during the cooling process, we can set higher demands and significantly tighter tolerance levels regarding ovality than the standard permits. Among other things, this makes the jointing process simpler and more efficient, optimizing operating costs when carrying out large projects. Our pipes are also made of PE100 RC, a modern material that is extra resistant to cracking.

Complete range and in-house manufacturing
Extena provides a complete range of polyethylene pipes and fittings. As a complete supplier, we can also offer complete quotations for safe and secure procurement. We manufacture our products at our own factories, which means that we have full control of the manufacturing process and can guarantee the highest possible quality.

Coordination of shipments
We know how important it is for our clients that the right product is delivered to the right place at the right time. We have therefore built up a strong organization with a high level of competence to coordinate shipments. When you work with Extena, you can be sure that your products will be delivered as planned.

Project support
Extena is a safe partner throughout the procurement process as well as the design phase. We offer advice and, if necessary, drawings of project-specific pipe fittings. We can also advise on the choice of pipe and provide recommendations for laying pipes in installations close to traffic, for example.

EXTENA tryckrör polyeten PE100 RC

Large dimensions – up to 1600 mm
We extrude pipes in dimensions up to 1,600 mm. The pipes are manufactured from PE100 RC, which gives discharge pipes, pressure sewers and raw water pipelines, etc. a long service life. Over-sizing the pipeline from the outset gives you a future-proof, large capacity pipe system that can easily be supplemented with fittings and connections when needed.

4,600 m marine pipelines

Extena and egeplast have supplied pipes for several large marine pipeline projects, such as the renovation of the water treatment plant at Grebbestad in Sweden. For this extensive project, where the goal was to improve the efficiency of the municipal water treatment plant, we supplied a total of 4,600 metres of marine pipeline. Each welded and immersed segment is 500 metres long and weighs 250 tonnes, which placed very high requirements on the quality of both pipes and joints.

In order to cope with the harsh demands and the tough conditions, PE pipes with a dimension of 710 mm SDR 17 were used together with polyethylene pipe fittings from egeplast. Logistics and installation went according to plan and Grebbestad now has a very efficient water treatment plant with a long and safe service life.

Extena Tryckrör Polyeten PE100 RC Trygg leverantör stora projekt Sjöledning

Drinking water for future generations
Another large project that we have been involved in is the construction of a new water supply in Skellefteå in northern Sweden. The project included 50 km of pipeline, for which Skellefteå Municipality and the general contractor chose to use PE100 RC pipes from Extena.
The water that is transported from the water treatment plant to Skellefteå’s 45,000 inhabitants is distributed in double pipes with a diameter of 560 mm. By adding double pipelines from the start, Skellefteå Municipality has ensured that it will be able to cope with any increased future demands.

Extena Tryckrör Polyeten PE100 RC Trygg leverantör stora projekt Skellefteå

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