Pipelaying regulations do not take into account new raw materials and pipes with protective sheaths

Läggning enligt AMA
The Swedish AMA (General material and work descriptions) regulates the laying of pressure pipes. However, AMA does not take into account new materials such as PE100 RC and its positive properties with, among other things, significantly higher resistance to slow crack growth (SCG) caused by point loads. AMA has also not taken into account sheathed pipes, which also provide additional protection. According to AMA, the backfill may have a maximum fraction of 31.5 mm, but thanks to the use of PE100 RC, it is possible to use backfill material with a fraction up to 50% of the pipe diameter, but no more than 64 mm. You should also avoid allowing frozen material and sharp stones to come into direct contact with the pipe. Our recommendation is to always use normal backfill under and around the pipe, which according to AMA must be 0-32 mm in the support packing zone.

Extena Tryckrör Polyeten PE100 RC Läggning schakt

We all have to set higher requirements!
At Extena, we have higher requirements with significantly tighter tolerance levels regarding ovality than specified by the standard EN 12201. High quality joints require minimal ovality in the pipe. It is important, therefore, that the client also places high demands on the pipes they order. It is also important that the pipes are manufactured from the best possible raw material PE100 RC.

The best raw material for the best overall cost efficiency
When it comes to the production and installation of a pipe system, the pipes themselves represent a relatively low percentage of the cost, in most projects about 5 to 15% of the total cost. We therefore recommend our customers to always choose the best pipe, although initially the pipe cost may be somewhat higher. By choosing PE100 RC, you will achieve faster installation, a longer and safer service life and better overall cost efficiency.

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