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This is why we have chosen to manufacture virtually all our pipes in PE100 RC

– it is the safest and best raw material on the market at 17 times higher than standard requirements

A long service life requires the best raw material

As the demands for more cost effective and safer pipe systems are constantly increasing, the material PE100 RC (RC stands for Resistance to Cracks) was launched in 2005 with more and stronger bonding between the molecules. The result is a raw material and pressure pipe system with significantly higher resistance to slow crack growth (SCG).

We therefore recommend that you always choose pipes made of PE100 RC, which provides a safer and more cost effective pipe system.

More bonding molecules

PE100 RC is polymerized with hexene instead of butene, which is often used for traditional PE. Hexene is an alkene with long molecules, which strengthen the bond in a molecular chain. The bonding molecules make the RC material stronger, but above all they retain the structure of the crystalline regions. The PE polymer is thus designed for maximum mechanical resistance to slow crack growth (SCG).

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SLA® Barrier Pipe

– the leading permeation resistant pipe system

Extena offers a wide range of high quality pipe systems for the Swedish market – including the permeation resistant SLA  Barrier Pipe system. This unique system features an impermeable barrier made of conductive aluminium that prevents the penetration of pollutants, providing one of the safest protection methods on the market for both sensitive media and the environment.

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3L® Leak Control is the safest pressure pipe system on the market

– also suitable for gravity pipes with very high requirements

The need to transport water and pollutants safely is constantly increasing. Any leaks on the grid can have catastrophic consequences – if not detected in time.
3L  Leak Control is a pipe made of PE100 RC equipped with a high strength PEplus sheath and an impermeable, conductive layer of aluminium that provides full control of possible damage and leaks for optimal soil and water protection.
A monitoring device connected to the pipe issues an alarm even in the event of very minor pipe damage. The system can automatically shut down any connected pump systems, thereby preventing further impact caused by leakage at an early stage.

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SLM® 3.0 with high strength
PEplus sheath

– 25% of the pipe wall thickness (example at dimension 250 mm/SDR17)

Sheathed pressure pipes are equipped with an outer protective sheath that may be made of various materials, the most common of which are polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). Extena’s sheathed pipes (SLM, SLA, 3L) have a high strength sheath made of PEplus, a high density polyethylene that offers 60% less impact/wear compared to a PP sheath.

In dimensions up to 355 mm/SDR17, the sheath thickness corresponds to approximately 20-30% (3-5 mm) of the pipe thickness. In dimensions over 355 mm, the thickness is a slightly lower percentage, but the thickness of the sheath in mm is in fact larger. This makes SLM  3.0 very suitable for alternative installation methods such as directional drilling, pipe bursting and pipe splitting. Our high strength sheath of 3-5 mm must not be confused with the thinner layers available on the market of less than 1 mm.

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Extena is Sweden’s leading supplier of cable protection pipes SRS and SRE-P

Extena is leading the development and manufacture of cable protection pipes SRS and SRE-P in Sweden, a position that has been achieved through our long-term focus on innovation and quality. We have chosen to specialize in a few carefully selected key products, such as SRS, SRE-P, Prefab Kraft (SRS with predrawn power cable) and cable protection pipes for optical fibre in two thicknesses, to ensure the highest quality at all stages.

We are also the country’s leading supplier of cable protection pipes on coils. Our products have a higher ring stiffness than standard requirements and the pipes offer both more efficient laying, lower total costs and a safer service life compared to traditional laying of power cables in a sand bed.

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See our large catalogue of polyethylene pipe systems

In addition to presenting the market’s widest range of polyethylene pipe systems, we also discuss quality tests that exceed the standard, PE100 RC, multilayer pipes and what the requirements are for safe jointing.

See our large catalogue of polyethylene pipe systems
In addition to presenting the market’s widest range of polyethylene pipe systems, we also discuss quality tests that exceed the standard, PE100 RC, multilayer pipes and what the requirements are for safe jointing.

PE100 RC
-the best choice

Safe supplier
for large

Expert in multilayer pipes

Higher requirements than the standards

Latest news

Stronger presence in Finland

Extena and egeplast have been selling products to the Finnish market for several years. We have now decided to further boost our presence in Finland, starting at the Infratech 2021

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We are specialists in the extrusion of thermoplastic pipes and one of the leading companies in the Nordic region supplying PE100 RC pressure pipes, multilayer pipes, cable protection pipes, insulated pipes and special pipes for different purposes. We are at the very forefront when it comes to using developed raw materials, PE100 RC being a good example.


Key success factors are our long experience and our commitment to always be as accessible and as close as possible to our customers. Today we use advanced manufacturing and development technology. Extena is a safe partner throughout the procurement process as well as the design phase.

Professional experience

Our company history dates back to the 1970s. Our employees possess a broad and high level of competence. Since April 2020, Extena is part of the German group egeplast, which for decades has been Europe’s leading manufacturer of polyethylene pressure pipe systems in general and multilayer pipes in particular.

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