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Other products for electrical and telecommunication cable ducting

Thanks to the merger with egeplast, Extena can now offer a wider range of cable protection in the electrical and telecommunications fields. The range includes pipe systems for different types of network applications, for high and extra high stress and for both traditional and alternative pipelaying methods.

Extena miMulti Protec-SV microduct ege-com
Extena Protec-SV microduct ege-com
ege-com® Microducts
ege-com® Microduct Multi-pipe is a pipe system consisting of multiple ege-com® Microduct Mono pipes. The pipes are suitable for both pipelaying in open trenches and for pushing or pulling through cable ducts, in ege-com® Macroduct Mono pipes or other types of pipe systems.
Protective sheath pipe system for ege-com® Microduct in alternative installations
ege-com® Microduct Multi protec is a pipe system consisting of multiple ege-com® Microduct Mono pipes. The system has a flexible double sheath with a modified outer layer. The protective sheath makes the system suitable for alternative pipelaying methods such as directional drilling.
Extena HighT Kabelskydd Kabelskyddsrör
Extena MaMonoSystem miMulti Protec-SV macroduct ege-com
Protective pipes for high and extra high voltage cables
ege-com® Macroduct High-T PE is a polyethylene protective pipe used for high and extra high voltage cables up to 380 kV. The protective pipe is made of a PE-HD material with high thermal stability, allowing the pipe to withstand high thermal loads over a long period of time.
ege-com® Macroduct
ege-com® Macroduct Multipipe is a pipe system consisting of multiple cable protection pipes. The system has several pipes of the same or different dimensions, which can be assembled according to the user’s requirements.
Extena egeTower Kabelskydd
Fibre cable distributor made of PEHD
The fibre network requires the end customer to be connected to the main pipeline. egeTower® allows us to offer a space saving and cost effective alternative. egeTower® is a PE pipe with space to connect up to 48 end customers.

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