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egeModule for the relining of gravity pipelines in plastic or concrete

Pipe system for renovation of gravity pipelines in plastic or concrete through relining. Dim ø 160-630 mm.

Extena egeModul rör för relining
egeModul PE
Pipe system for renovating older gravity pipes by relining.

egeModul PE is a PE100 system consisting of short pipe lengths (0.5-1.95 metres) used for the replacement of damaged pipelines and the efficient renovation of older gravity pipes, both in plastic and concrete. The sleeve and tip end of the pipes are fitted with a sealing ring and are designed with a click-on lock for safe jointing. The system is ideal for cost effective well-to-well relining. Available with light interior for filming.

egeModul PE SLM® with sheath egeModul PE with or without a light inner layer can also be manufactured with a protective layer (sheath) depending on the project type.
Pipe system made of PE100 according to DIN 8074/75 with solid walls. High level of safety thanks to triple lip seal and click-on coupling. egeModul can also be ordered with a high strength PE sheath (egeModul SLM®).
Extena egeModul rör för relining
Extena egeModul rör för relining

egeModul PE is intended for the renovation of gravity pipes in plastic and concrete from well to well and can also be ordered with a light interior for TV inspection and with an extra protective PE sheath.

Product benefits

  • Pipe system made of PE100 as well as PE100 RC for a safer service life and more efficient pipelaying.
  • egeLiner® is intended for the relining of pressure pipe systems.
  • After installation, egeLiner® has the same ring stiffness and pressure class as PE pressure pipes.
  • Installation with the relining method has little impact on traffic, etc.
  • Low trenching costs when relining using pits or existing trenches.
  • Complete range of pipe fittings.

Pipelaying method

Extena egeModul rör för relining

Relining well to well.


Pipe fittings

Extena egeModul rördel

Custom pipe fittings

A range of customized pipe fittings is available for egeModul.

Delivery options

Extena Tryckrör Polyeten PE100 RC Raka längder

Supplied on a pallet

  • Standard lengths 0.5-1.95 metres.
  • Longer lengths > 1.95 metres on request

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