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Pipes and fittings from the same manufacturer.

Even if the pipes are certified according to EN 12201 and EN 1555, it is important to remember that the joints are usually the weak point in a piping system. These must therefore have at least the same high quality and long service life as the rest of the pipe system to ensure that the pipeline will last and deliver over time according to the specifications.

In terms of joint quality, the roundness of the pipes plays a key role. Thanks to our manufacturing process, Extena has been able to set higher requirements and significantly tighter tolerance levels for ovality than the standard allows.


Complete range of pipe fittings

The requirements of a pipe system vary depending on the application. We therefore provide a wide range of polyethylene pipe fittings with various functions that meet the requirements of EN 12201 and EN 1555 and which can be manufactured according to the client’s specifications. With our pipe fittings and extensive range of PE100 RC pipes, we can offer complete pipe systems that provide secure, safe and cost effective operation.

The joints are most often the weak link in the pipe system. One of the more important requirements from contractors and pipeline owners, therefore, is good conditions for safe jointing. In order to produce safe joints, the pipes must be of high quality in all respects, both in terms of raw materials and the manufacturing process. Round pipes with low ovality are an important part of this.

At Extena, we have 40% higher requirements in terms of ovality than specified in the standard.

Polyethylene pipe fittings

Extena rördelar Polyeten Tryckrör Formsprutade rördelar
Extena rördelar Polyeten Tryckrör Maskinbearbetade rördelar

Injection moulded pipe fittings
Our injection moulded PE pipe fittings are made of PE100 material that complies with standards SS-EN 1555 and SS-EN 12201. All injection moulded pipe fittings are made with extended tip ends, allowing the pipe fittings to be used for both arc welding and butt welding. Available in dimensions up to 500 mm.

Machined pipe fittings
Our machined PE100 RC pipe fittings are based on a homogeneous pipe material that is machined in one piece. We can thus increase the wall thickness at critical points, resulting in a very stable and pressure class compatible design. Our homogeneous and seamless pipe fittings mean that your pipe system is not only pressure resistant but also reliable in the long term. We supply machined pipe fittings such as bends, branches and transition pipes in dimensions 400 to 1200 mm

Extena rördelar Polyeten Tryckrör Segmentssvetsade rördelar
Extena rördelar Polyeten Tryckrör Sömlösa böjar

Segment welded pipe fittings
Our segment welded pipe fittings offer a cost effective solution and are a good choice for gravity pipes and low pressure pipelines. The pipe fittings are usually manufactured from PE parts made of PE100 RC and PN classified according to SDR class and design. The bends can be manufactured in the same SDR class as the pipes as long as the angle between the segments does not exceed 15 degrees. Segment welded T-pipes usually need to be manufactured from parts with a larger wall thickness than the rest of the pipeline to achieve the same PN classification. However, this means that the T-pipe will have a smaller inside diameter than the main pipe. All segment welded T-pipes have pressure load reduction. Our segment welded bends and branches are available in dimensions 400 to 1200 mm.

Seamless bends
A seamless bend eliminates the reduction factor, which means that the pipeline pressure level is maintained even at the bend. All our seamless bends are manufactured from PE100 RC and are available in dimensions up to 900 mm and angles of 11°, 22°, 30° 45° and 90° degrees. Dimensions 110 to 355 mm are always in stock.

  • Long straight ends
  • Pressure class: 16 bar water (10 bar gas)
  • Made of bead-free pipe

Arc welding parts

Extena rördelar Polyeten Tryckrör Elsvetsdelar
Arc welding parts made of PE100 RC
Extena supplies a wide range of arc welding pipe fittings for jointing PE pipes. Our arc welding components represent high quality and reliability aimed at providing our clients with safe and efficient operation.

Remember that for optimal welding results you will require tight tolerances between the pipe and pipe fitting, and problems often arise in larger dimensions when using pipes with a high degree of ovality. Thanks to our manufacturing process, Extena has been able to set higher requirements and significantly tighter tolerance levels for ovality than the standard allows.

Extena arc welding parts are made of PE100 and PE100 RC according to ISO 11922. First class production ensures safe and efficient installations.

Flange joints

Extena rördelar Polyeten Tryckrör Flänsförband

Loose flanges, SF flanges, HP flanges
Flange joints are typically used to connect the pipe system to valves, pumps and other pipes. Extena supplies a wide range of flange joints such as loose flanges, SF flanges and HP flanges with different pressure classes and drill holes. The collars are made of polyethylene and are extended for optimal welding conditions. Products are available in dimensions from 63 mm up to 1200 mm.

Pipe fittings with specific pipe system functions

Extena rördelar Polyeten Tryckrör
We offer pipe fittings specifically adapted to our SLM® DCT, SLA® Barrier Pipe, 3L® Leak Control, HexelOne® and Polarpipe® pipe systems. These pipe fittings are supplied with additional built-in functionality to suit the pipe system’s functions. Made to order.

Customized pipe fittings according to drawing

Extena Tryckrör Polyeten PE100 RC Specialtillverkad rördel

We also offer customized pipe fittings according to drawing. Complete units, consisting of pipes and pipe fittings, can also be designed, manufactured and assembled according to customer specifications.

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