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Extena specializes in polyethylene pressure pipe systems, together with the German manufacturer egeplast international. Over the years, we have developed patented pipe systems with several unique properties. Today we probably have the widest and most developed range on the market.

The raw material in our pipe systems is PE100 RC, which is by far the best material with 17 times higher requirements for slow crack growth (SCG). We always use PE100 RC as the raw material in our pipes, and we were the first to do so.

You can add various features to our standard pipes, such as a high strength sheath. All of our multilayer pipes have a high strength sheath with a thickness of 1 to 5 mm depending on the thickness of the pipe. Our thick sheaths must not, therefore, be confused with the thinner coats that some pipes on the market are fitted with.

In addition to a high strength sheath, you can add even more features. For example, SLA Barrier Pipe has a high strength sheath, but also a barrier made of conductive aluminium that enables the pipe to be laid in contaminated soil or to protect sensitive environments during the transportation of contaminated sewage. This pipe is certified by KIWA in Class III, which is the highest class.

Use the attached table to see which pipe is best suited for different applications.

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