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SLM® 3.0 with a high strength PEplus sheath

Pipe made of PE100 RC with a protective PEplus sheath.
For water, sewage and gas. Dim ø 25-1200 mm

Extena SLM 3.0 Mantlat rör Polyeten PE100 RC Rör med kappa
SLM® 3.0
Standard pipe made of PE100 RC fitted with a protective PEplus sheath.

SLM® 3.0 is easier to use, easier to weld and is a safe and more reliable pipe system. SLM® 3.0 is a standard pipe made of PE100 RC fitted with a high strength sheath (coat) on the outside of the pipe, providing extra protection against scratches and damage that may occur during pipelaying.

The pipe’s high strength sheath is made of PEplus, with a thickness, in the case of dim 250 mm/SDR17, corresponding to 25% of the pipe’s wall thickness.

Since the sheath is made of polyethylene, it does not need to be removed during butt welding (SLM® 3.0) but can be integrated into the joint, reducing the risk of the sheath being ripped off when performing alternative installation methods such as directional drilling and pipe splitting or when extraction hoods are used.

SLM® 3.0 meets the requirements of PAS 1075 Type 3.
Extena SLM Mantlat med kappa rör Svetsas i svulsten
The sheath is welded in the bead – it cannot be ripped off
Since SLM® 3.0 and its sheath are manufactured from the same basic material, i.e. polyethylene, the sheath can be butt welded in the bead. The different layers are then joined together in the weld bead (the sheath merges with the main material), which prevents the sheath from being ripped off during directional drilling or horizontal drawing, etc. when an extraction hood is used. In the case of SLM® DCT, this pipe must be stripped when welding, as it has additional layers of other material.

Product benefits

  • Pipe system made of PE100 RC for a safer service life and more efficient pipelaying.
  • High strength PEplus sheath corresponding to e.g. 25% of the pipe’s wall thickness at dimension 250 mm/SDR17.
  • 60% less wear on a PEplus sheath compared to a PP sheath.
  • Butt welding according to DVS standard without having to remove the sheath.
  • A pipe system suitable for alternative installation methods where extra pipe protection is required.
  • Minimal ovality for safe jointing.
  • Complete range of pipe fittings.

Pipelaying method

Extena Tryckrör Polyeten PE100 RC Läggning schakt

Traditional pipelaying in trenches.

Extena Tryckrör Polyeten PE100 RC Läggning schakt

Suitable for pipelaying adapted for pipes made of PE100 RC.

Extena Tryckrör Polyeten PE100 RC för alternativa läggningsmetoder

Also suitable for alternative installation methods.


Extena godkännande certifikat Nordic Poly Mark
Extena Certifierat enligt DK-VAND
Extena Egeplast Tryckrör certifierat FI
Extena Egeplast Certifierat TÜV


Pipe fittings

Extena Tryckrör Polyeten PE100 RC Rördel

PE pipe fittings

– Injection moulded
– Seamless
– Machined
– Segment welded

Extena rördel Polyeten Elsvetsmuff Tryckrör

Arc welding parts

Complete range of arc welding parts for different purposes.

Extena rördel Polyeten Flänsförband Tryckrör

Flange joints

Wide range of flange joints such as loose flanges, SF flanges and HP flanges.

Extena Tryckrör Polyeten PE100 RC Specialtillverkad rördel

Customized pipe fittings

For SLM® 3.0, you can also order customized pipe fittings according to drawing.

Delivery options

Extena Tryckrör Polyeten PE100 RC Rulle


Extena Tryckrör Polyeten PE100 RC Trumma


Extena Tryckrör Polyeten PE100 RC Raka längder

Straight lengths

6, 12, 18, eller 20 m

  • All pipes are fitted with end caps
  • Non-standard lengths can be ordered on request

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