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Extena Tryckrör Flerskiktsrör Polyeten PE100 RC med skyddande mantel kappa
Extena and egeplast – expert in multilayer pipes
For decades, egeplast has led the way in Europe in the development and manufacture of polyethylene pressure pipes and fittings in general and multilayer pipes in particular. Research and development have a long tradition at egeplast and over the years the company has become a recognized innovation hub. This technical leadership includes more than 60 patents for products and manufacturing processes.

PEplus sheath for maximum resistance
Using a sheath protects the pipe in alternative installation methods such as directional drilling, pipe splitting and relining. Extena’s sheathed pipes have an extra thick PEplus sheath that represents 20-30% of the pipe’s total wall thickness in dimensions up to 355 mm (SDR17). In dimensions over 355 mm, the thickness is a slightly lower percentage, but the thickness of the sheath in mm is in fact larger. This provides a safe installation and extra protection against scratches. Remember that there is a wealth of pipe systems with thin polypropylene sheaths. These must not be confused with our high strength PEplus sheaths, which offer significantly better protection. PEplus is a patented HD-PE with a higher molecular weight that makes the coating more scratch resistant compared to conventional grades. We have chosen this durable, scratch resistant and high density material because the sheath is only a protective layer that is not included in the dimension of the pipe. Tough tests have shown that our PEplus sheath offers 60% less wear on the outer layer of the pipe compared to a polypropylene sheath.
Extena SLM 3.0 och SLM DCT med skyddande mantel och funktionskontroll

SLM® 3.0 and SLM® DCT
Our multilayer pipes are based on our standard pipes and are made of PE100 RC. We then add different types of layers onto this main pipe to create pipes with unique properties. The basic model in the multilayer range is the SLM® 3.0, which is fitted with a strong and extra thick sheath. Based on this pipe, we have also developed the SLM® DCT with built-in function test and additional reinforcement for extra high pressure.

SLM® 3.0 och SLM® DCTtillhör den senaste generationens skyddande flerskiktsrörsystem. Vid installation med alternativ läggningsmetod ger dessa system ett ledningsnät med säkrast möjliga installation och lång livslängd.

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Extena HexelOne högtrycksrör Polyeten för höga tryck

HexelOne® main pipes are made of PE100 RC and reinforced with two additional layers of PE100 and a protective sheath of 100% high strength PEplus to withstand up to twice the pressure (30 bar for water and sewage and 16 bar for gas). This reinforcement thus allows pipes to be used where operating pressure is up to 100% higher than normal.

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Extena SLA Barrier Pipe diffusionstätt rörsystem Polyeten

SLA® Barrier Pipe
SLA® Barrier Pipe is a permeation resistant pipe system made of PE100 RC fitted with a high strength sheath and an impermeable barrier made of conductive aluminium to prevent the penetration of contaminants. The barrier provides permanent protection of both sensitive media and the environment.

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Extena 3L Tryckrör polyeten med permanent funktionskontroll online

3L® Leak Control
3L® Leak Control is a pipe made of PE100 RC equipped with a high strength PEplus sheath and an impermeable, conductive layer of aluminium that provides full control of possible leaks for optimal soil and water protection.

A monitoring device connected to the pipe issues an alarm even in the event of very minor pipe damage. The messages are then sent directly to the control centre or a mobile phone. The system can automatically shut down any connected pump systems, thereby preventing further impact caused by leakage at an early stage.

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