A complete range of pressure pipes and polyethylene pipe fittings from a single manufacturer

Extena Egeplast marknadens bredaste sortiment tryckrör polyeten
Extena has long been Sweden’s leading manufacturer of pressure pipe systems in PE100 RC. When Extena became part of egeplast, we also became experts in multilayer pipe systems, with an extensive range of sheathed pipes for different applications and alternative installation methods. egeplast is a specialist in homogeneous polyethylene pipes in general and multilayer pipes in particular – and also offers a wide range of polyethylene pipe fittings, which is now being made available to the Swedish market.

PE100 RC as standard We manufacture our standard pipes in PE100 RC, which is the best raw material for a safe and economical pressure pipe system with a long service life. For example, our PE100 RC material, certified by PAS 1075, has 17 times higher requirements than the standard for resistance to slow crack growth (SCG). Starting with PE100 RC as the base material, we add a variety of features depending on the application – such as protective layers (sheathed pipes), colour marking for the location of scratches and damage detection with online monitoring. By choosing PE100 RC, you will achieve faster installation, a longer and safer service life and better overall cost efficiency.

40% higher requirements than the standard At Extena, we specialize in manufacturing the best polyethylene pipe systems on the market. We therefore place tougher requirements on the pipe systems we manufacture than those specified in European standards. By cooling the pipes for a longer period and stabilizing them during the cooling process, we can set higher requirements and significantly tighter tolerance levels regarding ovality than the standard permits. In fact, we have 40% higher requirements in terms of ovality than specified in the standard.

A complete package – for safe and secure procurement Extena takes responsibility for everything. With Extena, you get a complete range of polyethylene pipes and fittings from a single supplier. As a complete supplier, we can also offer complete quotations for safe and secure procurement. We manufacture our products at our own factories in Sweden, Germany and the UK, which means that we have full control of the manufacturing process and can guarantee the highest possible quality.

Project service Extena is a safe partner throughout the procurement process as well as the design phase. We offer advice, planning and, if necessary, drawings of project-specific pipe fittings. We can also advise on the choice of pipe and provide recommendations for laying pipes in installations close to traffic, for example.

Together with egeplast, Extena is a leading manufacturer of pipe systems with different functions. With our multilayer pipes, we can offer systems with e.g. an impermeable barrier, online damage control monitoring and resistance to extra high pressures.

EXTENA tryckrör polyeten PE100 RC Flerskiktsrör med mantel kappa

Sheathed pipes Type 3 for optimal protection
Extena’s sheathed pipes in PE100 RC are tested and approved according to PAS 1075, a requirement standard developed under the auspices of the German standards institute DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung).

The standard is divided into three classes as described below:
Type 1 includes standard pipes made of PE100 RC material.
Type 2 includes homogeneous 90/10 pipes with an integrated PE100 RC surface layer representing 10% of the material thickness.
Type 3 includes pipes with a minimum sheath thickness of 0.8 mm. In order to meet the Type 3 requirements, therefore, the pipe sheath must be at least 0.8 mm thick. Our sheaths are 2 to 5 mm thick for optimal protection and must not be confused with the thin layers of less than 1 mm that some pipes on the market are fitted with.

All of Extena’s sheathed pipes easily exceed the requirements of PAS 1075 Type 3.

Extena is leading development in Sweden
Extena is the manufacturer in the Nordic region that is most forcibly driving the issue of building pipe systems with better raw materials, which significantly increase resistance to slow crack growth. At an early stage, we saw the benefits of PE100 RC pipe systems, a material that enables more cost effective pipelaying methods with a longer and safer service life – resulting in better overall cost efficiency. The pipes are a relatively low cost option, in most cases representing only 5-15% of the total cost. It should therefore be an obvious choice to use the highest quality pipes.

egeplast has long recognized the benefits of using the modern PE100 RC material. As both Extena and egeplast have a clear focus on offering the highest quality and use the PE100 RC as the main raw material in production, our respective product ranges fit very well together.

egeplast – expert in multilayer pipes
For decades, egeplast has led the way in Europe in the development and manufacture of polyethylene pressure pipes and fittings in general and multilayer pipes in particular. Research and development have a long tradition at egeplast and over the years the company has become a recognized innovation hub. This technical leadership includes more than 60 patents for products and manufacturing processes.

egeplast was founded in 1908, and its products can now be found in various technical supply systems across the globe. The head office is located in Greven, Germany, where the company operates Europe’s most modern polymer pipe system plant. The Group also has its own factory in the UK and now also includes Extena with its development and manufacturing facility in Norsjö.

EXTENA Specialist på tryckrör i polyeten PE100 RC

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